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Girl Scout Canned Food Drive

Food Donations Needed

Girl Scout Troop 80236 in collaboration with Nikki Reid will be hosting a food drive to create a food pantry in our high school library. Our troop is working to help relieve the stress of hunger within our community. Our seniors as well as our school kids will have the opportunity to take home food items of their choice or bags already packed with canned goods and non- perishable food items.

Food items can be donated in the school office. Support, donations or questions can be directed to Stacy Mitovich @ 330-824-3806.  With the help of you, our students we can make this successful and help our friends and neighbors who struggle with getting food on the table.

Madilyn Hickman wins Spelling Bee.

Madilyn Hickman, a 6th grade student, was the winner of the annual Spelling Bee held at the Elementary School. Reagan Roberts, a 5th grade student, was the Runner Up. Congratulations to all participants as well!!!!

Spelling Bee

The annual Spelling Bee will be held on Thursday, January 19th at 1:30pm in the cafeteria. 

School Update

Third 9 weeks begins on Tuesday, January 17th. 

Report cards will be mailed home Friday, January 20th.

2016-2017 Elementary Supply Lists

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment FAQs - For Parents

  • Why does my child need to take the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?

The assessment provides information for your family, as well as your teachers, to help your child learn and grow.

  • What does the assessment cover?

The kindergarten assessment covers six areas:  Social Skills (including the way students learn), Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development.

  • How does the assessment work?

There are three ways for child will show what he or she knows and is able to do.

Your child will:

1. Select an answer to a question.

2. Do a requested task.

Your teacher will:

3. Observe your child in school and at recess.

  • When will this assessment happen?

Ohio kindergarten teachers will have from the first day of school until Nov. 1, to complete the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

  • If my child has a special education plan, will he or she complete the assessment?

Yes. Ohio’s Kindergarten assessment is for all children including children with disabilities.

  • How long does the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment take?

The amount of time it will take to administer, score and input assessment item data will vary from teacher-to-teacher and class-to-class.  This is because the assessment is the most efficient when teachers are able to use technology for the assessment.

  • Do all kindergarteners get tested with the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?

No. Only first-time kindergarteners must take the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. Children who are retained in kindergarten are not assessed.

Lordstown Elementary Staff Welcomes Students Back to School

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